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Advertising done outdoors and at transit stops or stations that publicizes a business’s products, services and messages.


A large outdoor board usually built on the side of the road that is used for displaying advertisements. Any businesses can purchase and use these large and eye-catching billboards to advertise their products or services

Transit Wrap

Commercial transits are an ideal form of medium for advertising to reach a large number of local audience. With exposures to thousands of passengers a day, this form of a vinyl wrap is an excellent option for businesses and event organizers to get their products, services or messages out there.

TSA Poster

Transit shelter posters are a great way to deliver messages to passengers waiting for the bus or vehicles that are driving by. The transit shelter are also equipped with lights to illuminate the poster at night time for better visibility.

Platform Poster

Platform posters are the best way to advertise to individuals that are waiting for the skytrain or train.

Bus Interior

Millions of people take the bus everyday in metro Vancouver. What better way than to strategically place advertisements or messages inside the bus to get maximum exposure to all the daily commuters.

Bus Bench

Unlike platform posters and bus interior posters, bus bench advertisements are similar to TSA posters that can target drivers as well.

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