Interior decor

Achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. It is also an excellent way to deliver messages or advertisements to the people passing by, such as a museum or a shopping center.


Canvas prints allow you to add personality to your home décor in a stylish, sophisticated way. Create personalized canvas artwork with your favorite photos to decorate your home or office.

Custom Pillow Case​

Custom Pillow Case

Personalize your bedroom or couch with customized pillow cases. Decorate your living space with pillow case designs that match your personality or your interior design.

Custom Lamp Shade

Brighten up any room with custom lamp shades that are personalized with your own design, logo or message. Beautifully handmade using stiff translucent fabric that allows your designs to be visible even when the light is off. These are also a great addition to the lobby or rooms of resorts and hotels.

Custom Lamp Shade​
Custom Curtain​

Custom Curtain

Our custom curtains will transform your space with a distinct contemporary take on a classic design. These curtains are made to your exact measurements and design.

Aluminum Panel

Keep your space minimal and professional. Our custom printed aluminum panel is available at any size and suitable to be used as decoration or signs. High-quality aluminum panel prints bring a unique touch and elevate the overall atmosphere of a space.

Consider printing photography on an aluminum panel to accommodate your interior design.

Aluminum Panel​


Unlike vinyl murals, wallpaper are cheaper alternative and a lot more environmentally friendly. In addition, the installation and removal process for wallpaper is a lot easier due to contemporary adhesive options.  Wallpaper are generally used to cover multiple walls in the same space and can even be applied to the ceiling which vinyl can not do.

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