BEES! Museum of Surrey’s Newest exhibition

We’ve partnered again with Museum of Surrey, for their exhibition BEES! to create an informative and visual experience for exhibitors on everything on the sophisticated insect. TK Graphics produced all exhibition signage ranging from birch wood panels to fabric tension frames and light box displays.




About The Exhibition:

Museum of Surrey’s latest exhibition is filled with family fun interactivity, providing a walk through experience while educating adults and children alike on how bees are represented, or rather misrepresented, in popular culture. This exhibition runs from October 5th – December 19th, 2021.

If you can’t make it out to the exhibition in person, you can take a virtual tour here.

Exhibition Components


Birch Wood Panels


Direct Print on 3’x7′ Birch Wood Panels

Large Format Textile Printing

Our dye sublimation machine prints endless combination of colours to give you eye-catching, and vivid photographic images.



There were 25+ birch panels through the exhibition

Installation Work

We are the ONE-STOP PRINT SHOP, that offers fast turnaround manufacturing and on-site installation.

Fabric Printing and Finishings

Fabric prints are printed on polyester-based fabric using digital dye-sublimation technology and installed on tension display frames for a clean, crisp look.

Light Box Graphics


LED-lit display box achieves eye-popping, vibrant look to accentuate the exhibition grounds.

Working With The Designer

Most of the time, we work closely with designers to achieve their ideas. In this case, the designer has provided the wood pieces to us.


Light box graphics are assembled with fabric prints installed in front of an LED-lit display box.

Delivering The Work

After printing and receiving the wood dowels from the designer, we then worked closely with a local seamstress for the perfect finishing.


Partnering with the Museum of Surrey is always a pleasure and it’s an honour to be the sole provider for graphic prints for these projects that are educational and informative for our community.

Details of the exhibition:
Call 604-592-6956 to register for a one-hour visit to the entire museum. (Hours Wednesday to Saturday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm)

Museum of Surrey
17710 56A Avenue

October 5, 2021 – December 19, 2021

Tickets & Pricing:  
Click HERE for an Online Virtual Tour

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