3 Days Left to Win iPad Mini with T.K. Graphics

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iPad Mini

Win an iPad Mini!

T.K. Graphics is formerly New World Print and is in the midst of transitioning to the new brand. To celebrate our rebranding as T.K. Graphics, we want you to win an iPad Mini!

T.K. Graphics / New World Print is a family owned and operated large format printing company based out of the Cloverdale area of Surrey. With over 20 years of experience, we have and continue to work with big names in the Lower Mainland such as The City of Surrey, The City of Abbotsford, Lamar Transit Advertising, and Pattison Outdoor. We are also proud to be able to work with lots of smaller businesses and organizations around Metro Vancouver.

As the premier supplier for large format printing of any kind in Surrey, BC, we want our name to be recognizeable. This process of rebranding is an important one and we want to tell everyone about it. Over the coming weeks, we will be taking on some exciting projects to help this process along. We will be wrapping our delivery and installation vehicles with our new T.K. Graphics and TopWraps branding. We will be brightening up our street in Cloverdale as well with some vibrant branded window graphics on our facility, and decorative street banners in our parking lot. We will also be filming behind the scenes on some of these projects and launching a YouTube channel to show you what we do.

If you want to follow along with all of these exciting changes, and see some of our work and funny signs we have noticed around the internet, then you should like us on Facebook. We will be keeping out Facebook up to date throughout this process and on July 2nd, we will announce who the winner of our exciting iPad giveaway is.

To enter the contest, just head on over to our page on Facebook:

Enter Here



Do you want two extra shots at winning? Leave a comment below telling us where you would use your new iPad mini the most, and use the form in the right hand sidebar to sign up for our newsletter!

Good luck!

photo by: icatus
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  1. Garth Hansen says:

    I'd use the Mini for work & as a reader. I use online billing and estimating software and it doesn't work with Android, so an iPad Mini would be the perfect compliment to that. I also read almost exclusively in EPUB and having a larger reader than my Samsung Galaxy 3 would be awesome.

  2. Anthony Nadeau says:

    I would use it to keep my blog up to date and to keep my Twitter feed alive etc.
    I would also use it to keep in touch with family & friends.

  3. Jill McDowell says:

    I would use it to take photos and definitely use FaceTime

  4. Yu Xiu An says:

    I would use for my studying

  5. Marie Vardy says:

    I would give it to my granddaughter so we could keep in touch with each other.

  6. Christine Bonneux-Mathiesen says:

    Id probably be watching my grandkids play on it lol but at my house 8).

  7. Tara McCarthy says:

    I'd use it at home with the kids :)

  8. Shane Anderson says:

    I would use it most at home with my kids.

  9. Tracey Anderson says:

    I would use it at work…

  10. Pamela Phillips says:

    I would give it to my son who is starting college this fall. He currently has no laptop or tablet.

  11. Harolde Dufren says:

    I would use it at work!

  12. Steve Valdes says:

    We would use it for biz in our top wrapped smart car when working on the road. It's going to happen! Our jobber cms is a great way for us to stay in touch with our customers on the road.

  13. Diane Wortman says:

    I would use it at home to keep in touch with family and friends.

  14. Diana Smith Hill says:

    Love it! I would use it everywhere! School, home, beach, on the train!

  15. Bart Richards says:

    I would use it for work (I work in IT) and for games at home.

  16. Mark Misener says:

    I would use it at work and home!

  17. Quinn Dougherty says:

    I would use it most in my classes for keeping track of all my books.

  18. Catherine Robichaud says:

    I would use it mostly for when I'm travelling but it would also come in handy at the beach or anywhere actually.

  19. Lisa Dion says:

    I'd use the iPad the most whole traveling to keep in touch with my family

  20. Lisa Dion says:

    I receive your newsletter

  21. Asad Ali Asghar says:


  22. Hilda Torres says:

    would use it everywhere.

  23. Daniel Strang says:

    I'd use it most at home when I don't want to walk to my room to use my computer.

  24. Tim Ansley says:

    We'd use it to view our photos on holiday!

  25. Gary DeFour says:

    Most desktop stays at home, laptops tags at home or bookstore, I – Pad Mini would go with me everywhere!!
    would be my portable

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