Sign Installation

Sign Installation

Yes, we do sign installation! When we design and print a product for our customers, we love to see it displayed with maximum impact. We also like to ensure the product lasts as long as it is meant to. For these reasons, plus ultimate customer satisfaction, we offer installation services as well. In fact, most of our large format products include installation services.

Why do we prefer to do our own sign installations? Because it ensures the job is done correctly. This will lengthen the life of your large format printing product, whether it is a banner, a sign or a wrap. A proper sign installation will also give you the effect that was intended with your signage. It will be aligned properly, secured safely and installed right where it was meant to be. This reduces any future need for repair or replacement of your signage.

Depending on the product, its size and its location, sign installation can be tricky and sometimes dangerous. Building penetrations must be kept to a minimum and carefully planned out so as not to jeopardize the structure itself. Wiring must be taken into consideration when installing backlit signs and everything must be done right to prevent fires on your business property. We have a crew of installers ready to take on any job you need help with. They are experienced, skilled and professional and you will experience the T.K. Graphics level of customer service. They are trained to install our products quickly and safely.

There are a lot of small things to think about with any sign installation, and we don’t want you worrying about these little things at all. We will happily make sure every little detail is covered, from the hardware, fasteners, posts, rope to trimming, graffiti prevention, disposal of waste and more. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

So, don’t waste time! Whether you need a sign design, printed and installed, or even just repaired, get started now by calling us at T.K. Graphics: 604.575.1812