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Dockside Green Presentation Centre

Real estate always seems to be booming in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We have it all here, beaches, mountains, mild climate, rural areas, suburbs and several bustling urban centres. Condominium buildings seem to be popping up everywhere and this allows us at T.K. Graphics to get involved building their presentation centres. The more condo buildings go up, the more yours needs to stand out, so let us help you high quality, vibrant and durable presentation centre collateral that will help sell units.

A presentation centre should be uncluttered, clear and point out all the best features of the building it is trying to sell from. It should be branded and easy to navigate and it should promote all of the building’s selling points. Your branding should be seen from the outside of the presentation centre and it should be easy to capture the public’s attention.

At T.K. Graphics, we are exceptional at bringing projects like this together. It starts with our impeccable customer service. Having been in the business for 20 years, we bring an expertise that is unparalleled in Cloverdale. We are also a family owned and operated business that conducts all business under one roof, so communication is lightning-fast and effective from department to department. These things add up to benefit you, the customer, because we can commit to getting your project done efficiently, with impressive quality.

We are also a company that puts a lot of effort into reducing our impact on the environment. This leads us to be continually upgrading our machinery, technology, materials and practices so we are reducing waste, limiting our use of resources and choosing more and more environmentally friendly resources.

A by-product of consistently upgrading our technology is that we are always up to date with the highest quality outputting technology as well. This means your final product is of the highest quality current technology will allow.

Presentation centres make use of wall murals, banners, easel signs, 3D lettering, counter graphics and a lot of custom printing projects as well. We can help you decide on which products you need, plus we can help you decide how it all goes together.

To see some of the presentation centres we have been involved in, take a look at our gallery below:

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