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A huge part of city beautification comes in the form of wall murals. Wall murals are a great way to dress up a large, bland looking wall, or a wall that is prone to graffiti. Many cities commission the work of artists to paint murals, but they can also be digitally printed with the same and similar technology and materials as utility box wraps. This means that the artwork can be opened up to digital and graphic artists as well.

There are many famous wall murals around the world, and right here in BC there are several notable wall murals, including the orca walls in Vancouver and Victoria. Wall murals, when done right, can become an attraction in themselves.

The benefits to digitally printing a wall mural rather than commissioning its painting, is that the material is durable, repairable and graffiti-resistant. A mural done on vinyl adhesive can last anywhere from 4-7 years, depending on the exposure to sunlight and other elements. It any part of it becomes damaged or corners start to lift, it can be easily repaired and look like new all over again. The material we print the murals on is laminated with an anti-graffiti coating that enables you to easily wash any graffiti off using minimal amounts of cleaning product. That makes this method of putting up an outdoor wall mural one that can lower your city’s environmental impact.

To get a mural printed in grand format, the first thing we do is get the artwork from you. Artwork can be anything from corporate or municipal branding, to original artwork or high resolution photographs. We then measure the area to be covered and work with our software to fit the artwork into it. We take into consideration areas we must cut out, such as electrical outlets and light fixtures, and we also measure where any seams must be so that the finished product appears seamless. At this point you will see your proof and upon approval, we will schedule installation. The process of installation is not a long one, usually spanning a day or two, but it must occur on a dry day that is above 10 degrees.

And that’s how easy it is!

You can get involved in creating art for the City of Surrey. Check out their park art project.

Take a look at some of the wall murals we have done before around Surrey, and the Lower Mainland in our wall mural gallery:

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