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Utility Box Cover

Utility Box Cover

More and more often cities, municipalities and towns are turning to utility box covers to eliminate the eye-sore factor from these inescapable necessities of suburban life. Many of the utility box covers you see around Delta and Surrey have been done by us here at T.K graphics. We have done extensive work for the City of Surrey and The Corporation of Delta doing these wraps.

Did you know, though, that homeowners are doing it too? That’s right. If you own your home and there is a utility box or a telecommunications box on your property that you want covered, it is up to you, not the city or municipality in which you live. All you need to do is get permission from the municipality and choose an image from our selection or your own personal images. T.K. Graphics can do this for you at a reasonable cost and in a very quick timeframe, weather permitting.

The first step to getting your wrap done with T.K. Graphics, is to choose a design. We can wrap utility boxes in any high resolution image or artwork. Choose from photos of flowers or bushes to camouflage the box, or choose abstract artwork if that is more your style. We then measure the box that will be wrapped and we adjust the image or design to fit the measurements. Upon your approval, we print on a high quality, very durable 3M brand vinyl that is coated with an anti-graffiti laminate. This laminate will ensure that if anyone ever defaces your utility box with graffiti, you will be able to wash it off with ease and minimal chemicals providing you get to it in a timely manner.

Once the product is printed, laminated and cut, it is ready to install. In order for your new utility box cover to be installed successfully, it has to be done in the right weather. It must be dry and above 10 degrees, so on the next sunny day, you’ll get your utility box wrap covered.

After installation, your new utility box cover will last from 4-7 years depending on sun exposure, the surface we are installing it on and susceptibility to vandalism.

Did you know that in the City of Surrey, you can submit your own photo to be used in Municipal utility box wraps? You can! Submit yours on the City of Surrey Cabinet Wrap Program page.

Take a look at our Utility Box Cover gallery to see some of the wraps we have done around the Lower Mainland:

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