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Backlit poster

Backlit poster

Backlit posters and signs can give off a truly beautiful effect. They are eye-catching and take colour to a whole new level. At T.K. Graphics in Surrey, BC we can handle all your backlit posters and sign needs.

You’ve probably seen them around town before, in bus shelters, train stations, movie theatres and malls. Stunning, high quality colourful posters mounted in a frame with a light source behind them to truly make them pop. These are effective forms of advertising, whether you are in need of something for within your retail space to bring attention to a sale or a special, or if you’re just doing ads for outdoor use. The applications for backlit printed material is endless.

Backlit signs can be in the form of billboards, and other large formats as well, so you are not just limited to backlit posters. These types of backlit ads and signs can allow you to change the way your sign looks depending on the time of day and how much natural light there is.

We can print your backlit posters to fit into your existing lightbox displays and allow you to make use of translucent materials so that light from your lightbox can pass through your graphics. This can be a great effect and make your backlit posters and signs hard to miss.

T.K. Graphics is also committed to the environment. We are always on top of the latest technology, machines and materials. That means you can have the absolute greenest option ensuring your project leaves as minimal an impact on the environment as possible. It also means that we stay up to date with all of our technology so you know you are getting the best quality available and you will get it with the fastest turnaround times possible.

To see some of the backlit posters and signs we have done at T.K. Graphics, please take a look at the gallery below:

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