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Signs Langley – Langley, BC is actually two separately functioning areas in the British Columbia Lower Mainland. There is the Township of Langley and the City of Langley. While they are right next to each other geographically, they are completely different entities.

Within the Township of Langley, there are a handful of beautiful little neighborhoods like Aldergrove, Walnut Grove, Milner and many more. The one most recognized is, of course, Fort Langley. Fort Langley is a popular field trip destination for British Columbian elementary school students and is a heritage site that you won’t soon forget. Its restored heritage buildings and operating blacksmith are an eye into Langley’s and British Columbia’s past.

The city of Langley is very close to where we are situated at T.K. Graphics and borders Surrey and Cloverdale and at its centre is fantastic shopping. Here, Fraser Highway turns into a one way mall to promote pedestrian usage and high commercial visibility.

While both the Township of Langley and the City of Langley have large rural, industrial and commercial areas, they also boast huge suburban neighborhoods and both are considered among the best places in all of the Lower Mainland to live and start a family.

T.K. Graphics has been able to do a lot of work in Langley, creating signs and other large format printing for municipal purposes such as City Beautification, as well as for commercial purposes. We have printed a lot of retail signs in Langley, wraps and hoarding, banners and billboards and a lot more.

To see our work in Langley, have a look at the signs Langley gallery below.

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