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Printing Vancouver – Vancouver has been rated one of the most livable cities in all the World year after year. Working in the Greater Vancouver Regional District makes us feel very lucky here at T.K. Graphics because we have the best of many worlds here. Vancouver is situated on the Ocean and at the base of some of the most beautiful mountains in the World. We can enjoy our many beaches in the summer and our world class mountains in the winter. Vancouver is such an attractive city that it won the bid for the 2010 Olympics and the city burst with pride to be able to host the games.

Vancouver  is a city that makes the outdoor lifestyle easy. There are many green spaces, even amongst urban surroundings. There are beaches and mountains and lakes. It is also home to a growing culinary culture with world renowned chefs, restaurants and food trucks around every corner. The city is beer-obsessed, with craft breweries popping up faster than you can count them and the nightlife is vivid and fun.

The city has large urban, suburban and commercial centres. There are many different unique neighbourhoods, from Kitsilano and its beach community, and Kerrisdale quaint small town feel, to the urban bustle of the downtown core and the personality of Commercial Drive. Vancouver also takes the title for largest Chinatown in Canada.

Vancouver hosts many annual festivals promoting music, theatre, film and food. It is a bustling hotspot for the film industry. Many spots around town have served as the backdrop for movies and television. Some of the hottest shows have been filmed here, season after season, from the much-loved X-Files and MacGyver, to the more recent Fringe and V. On any given day in Vancouver, many film crews can be spotted.

Vancouver takes pride in its NHL team, the Vancouver Canucks. The city also adores its Canadian Football League team, the BC Lions and its Soccer team, the Vancouver Whitecaps. The Vancouver Canadians are the local baseball team, and there are many other sports teams throughout the Greater Vancouver Regional District that have large fan bases here.

We absolutely love working in Vancouver, and take pride in everything we do in the City. We have had the opportunity to work on Olympics related projects, as well as city beautification for some of the many different and unique neighbourhoods. We’ve worked for some of Vancouver’s largest corporations and some of its hottest retail spots. We handle almost all of the transit ads in Vancouver, from bus wraps, to ads on the Skytrain.

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