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Port Moody Signs

Port Moody Signs

Port Moody Signs – Port Moody is a quaint little crescent shaped city in Metro Vancouver. Together with Coquitlam and Burnaby, it makes up what is referred to as the Tri-Cities. Port Moody is the smallest of the Tri-Cities.

Port Moody is an extremely green location in more ways that one. It has many open green spaces to enjoy. Parks and streams dot the entire city and it promotes a very outdoor lifestyle. Canoeing and kayaking are popular in the bodies of water around Port Moody. It is also one of the most green conscious cities, having outlawed pesticides and holding seminars on how to grow food naturally, every year. The City itself has been pesticide free since the late 80s. The city takes exceptional care of their parks and green spaces. Port Moody has large commercial centres and vast suburban neighbourhoods. Most commerce is related to home crafts, small business and cultural businesses.

Every year in Rocky Point Park in Port Moody, the Golden Spike Days festival is held. The festival marks the completion of the railway to Port Moody and the Confederation of Canada. Rides, food and entertainment are the highlights of this festival.

Port Moody has been trademarked as “City of the Arts” because the city has always attracted artists. In the past this has been because of low rent, but now it is more due to it’s beautiful, green scenery and its light. It remains home to many different institutions that foster the arts, as well as festivals and programs for artists.

Our work in Port Moody has been mostly related to the boom in residential construction and real estate sales, however we also handle a lot of retail business in the city as well as city beautification. We do Port Moody signs, large format printing, banners, hoarding, P.O.P., and billboards.

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