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Port Kells Printing – Port Kells is a unique neighborhood located within the city limits of Surrey, BC. It is largely rural, with a vast industrial sector as well.

Port Kells is located on the Northeastern side of Surrey and along the Fraser River. it is a quaint little area with lots of greenery and rural activity. It has a very small town feel and is still home to a general store. There is a rich heritage in the town, as it has gone through its ups and downs, many of the downs being that the town failed to grow they way it had been planned to.

It wasn’t until the Trans Canada Highway was built through the town of Port Kells that business there really began to boom. It quickly became a hub for both industrial and commercial activity. Port Kells is now home to many Canadian companies including Teal Jones Group, S&R Sawmills, Finning International Inc, Freightliner of Vancouver, Cullen Diesel, Cummins Western Canada, Rimex Supply Ltd, Pentco Industries, and more.

The town’s agriculture is a massive part of its economy as well, being home to large nurseries and farms. The source for much of the product at Surrey’s Two Ee’s farm market is grown on land located in Port Kells.

Port Kells printing for T.K. Graphics often includes many commercial projects for retails spaces. We do P.O.P. signage, banners and window graphics. We also do a lot of industrial projects in Port Kells such as fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, billboards and signage. Rural projects often include roadside hoarding and outdoor signage and of course in the town centre, city beautification is a priority making use of street banners, utility box wraps and more.

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