Our Team

T.K. Graphics, a division of New World Print is a family owned and operated screen and digital printing business. It was started and continues to be run by the Ko family of Cloverdale. We do digital printing in Surrey and our team consists of family and non-family members who, together, make T.K. Graphics an upbeat place to work and do business. Key team members are:

Vincent Ko

The Wallet & Wrench

Vincent KoVincent joined his brother Horace at T.K. Graphics in 1997, and brought digital printing with him. Vincent is often found repairing printers, and can get any repair job done even when the hired pros can’t. He has a knack for spending money, as both his latest iPhone and Samsung phone will attest. He often comes back from trade shows having bought new equipment. We’re considering sending him next time with a chaperone.

604.575.1812 vko@tkgraphics.ca

Mimi Ko Leung

The Wiki

Mimi Ko LeungMimi is who you want to talk to if you need to know more about large format screen and digital printing. Mimi should probably be called Mimipedia, since she is a walking, talking knowledge base for our products. She has been with T.K. Graphics since the year 2000 and loves working side by side with her family. Mimi manages accounts, outside sales and general customer happiness in an amongst being a brand new mommy!

604.575.1812 mleung@tkgraphics.ca

Cynthia Ko

The Glue

profile-place-holderAsking what Cynthia does not do would take up much less of our time. Cynthia does, quite literally, everything, from sales, to numbers, to account managment and that is why we call her “The Glue”. She is a proud member of the Ko family and has been with T.K. Graphics, holding everything together, since 1993. She loves to laugh and if you ever have a craving for any sort of fruit, chances are Cynthia has some stashed in her office somewhere.

604-566-8152 cko@tkgraphics.ca

Julie Hsieh

The Sieve

Julie HsiehWe call Julie “The Sieve” because she catches everything. Nothing gets past Julie’s eyes, as we are all pretty sure she has built-in radar. Julie is a project coordinator and handles quotations, order processing, installation scheduling and just making sure all the loose ends are tied up. Our resident vegetarian, Julie likes to say yes and make things happen.

604.575.1812 julie@tkgraphics.ca

Karen Ko

The Negotiator

Karen KoKaren has been with us since 2008. She started with us working in digital printing pre-press until recently when she moved to inside sales. In her free time, when she’s not indulging in her passion for food, Karen can be found watching Korean dramas or following closely the career of Leemin Ho.

604.575.1812 karen@tkgraphics.ca

Dennis Ko

The Beacon

profile-place-holderDennis is soft-spoken but don’t let that fool you. He is a strategic numbers man extraordinaire. Dennis is our big brother and he is in charge of the future and finances of T.K. Graphics and he does a great job. He’s been working with the family business for 20+ years and has helped shape it into what it is today.

604.575.1812 dko@tkgraphics.ca

Maria Guarin

The Gatekeeper

Maria is in charge of reception and administration, plus she does a lot of our bean counting. If you need digital printing done and you come see us, chances are you’ll have to go through her first. She may be small, but she sure can laugh!

604.575.1812 maria@tkgraphics.ca