Four Very Simple Steps To Creating An Effective Sign

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signDesigning a sign can be as simple as your logo, but without considering these 4 factors, even the simplest sign can be a complete dud.

1. K.I.S.S.

This stands for “Keep it simple, stupid” and it means that you should stick to the one message you want your sign to deliver. Don’t clutter it with unnecessary information. Your sign’s message should be straight forward. If it is a sign indicating your business’ location, it is most effective to just use your business name and/or logo. An advertising sign will obviously need to say more, but you still must stick to the point. Some of the most effective ads have no words at all, just a photo and a logo. There are other types of signage as well, such as directional signage to help people find their way, and menus to help people choose what they want. These should also only contain the bare minimum essentials or they will become too crowded and ineffective.

2. Choosing the Right Material and Format

Some signs are temporary, some are long-term. Some signs are outside and some are in. Some will be facing the sun, and some will be in shade. Depending on the placement and purpose of your sign, you must choose the right materials. There are materials that have UV coatings to protect them from the sun. There are other materials that stand up to harsh weather conditions such as rain, wind and freezing temperatures. There are less durable materials that are more cost-efficient for you and perfect for those signs that will only be used briefly and indoors. Choosing the right material for your sign will add to its ability to serve its purpose.

3. Make sure your sign has good contrast
Your sign absolutely must have contrast in order to be visible. If you choose a background color that is just a few shades darker than the text or image color, your audience will have a hard time getting the message. You must also take into consideration the colors you choose so you can make sure the sign is not to busy, and not too dull. Contrast and color choice can make or break the effectiveness of your sign.

4. Make Sure You Catch Their Eye
This can be the most difficult step, but it is by far the most important. When designing your sign, take into consideration who your target audience is. Think about what makes that target group take notice. Design your sign to make a statement within the first second a viewer sees it. The most effective way to do this, is with striking imagery, however a solid tag line can also do the trick. When designing a sign for your location, your logo should be the entire sign, to build on your brand and create brand recognition.

Follow these 4 steps when you are creating your sign, and you will be in excellent shape. When choosing a sign company, remember that T.K. Graphics can help you with each of these steps, including design. To see some of our sign work, head on over to our Signs Portfolio page here.

by Courtney Heard

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